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Happy Last Day And The Catholics Don't Give Me Hope

Been awhile since I've been here. The weather in Ohio has finally broke, my seasonally acne is trying (and failing) to take over my face and the school year is over I can practically taste the summer of 17 on my lips.

Oh course unlike last year I won't be going away the whole summer. And yet wander lust is on the rise in my heart. This is probably (hopefully) my last summer in Cleveland so maybe it's anticipation or maybe it's time for one of those random teenage dream road trips there's billion and one movies about. I am not the only one in the mood to get away. I'm thinking Chicago or New York maybe L.A.

Moving on I have the most upsetting news. So my Catholic school, which I know have mixed feelings about, fired one of my favorite theology teachers for standing up for a homosexual student. Well technically the Catholic Dioceses of Cleveland fired her. You what had happened was she was at a citywide theology teacher's meeting and one "teacher" made remarks saying that a gay student and Ms. K wasn't having that so they fired her right the next day. She wasn't present for the senior graduation, or finals week or the last day of school all for standing up for equal rights. :(