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Marylin Monroe

I'm Sorry I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome Today Was

Well today I my cooperate work study day. As usual I had very little work to do and spent time surfing the web and giving councilmen undeserved senses of accomplishment (my program was coordinated by my private school). But it was actually 73 degrees and my mommy gave me some money so I was able to meet my friend Ariel for lunch. That was a lot of fun because she had the best gossip for the NOLA trip (New Orleans Spring break service trip). Apparently my gaydar is right on target. However I will keep my shut but it's seriously two transparent closets. I highly doubt anyone would be shocked.

While Ariel was in warm, sunny, cultural New Orleans, I was in on the Cleveland service trip team living in a rundown retreat house. But of course the trip was all bad. We did a lot of work for people experiencing homelessness. It completely change my view from: "unable to care for themselves" to "there are a variety of factors that contribute to this dilemma. Something I should have realized living in the second poorest nation in America but I'm so wrapped up in myself I hardly acknowledge a homeless person be on giving them my left over shopping money. Sometimes. It really made me reevaluate my thinking.

We also did work for refugees, played kick ball with children in a domestic violence shelter and cleaned up a beach. During our down time we went to see an IMX movie (Born to Be Wild) and got too damn serious with board games (in a fun ways). I got to know some freshmen I otherwise would have not notice. Yup it was fun. Until my friend went batshit crazy.

So my friend Cheryl, who is the same age as me, actually took a picture of her boobs and showed it to all the freshmen whom are 14-15. And if that wasn't crazy enough she's obsessed with our Jesuit Volunteer, who's a cutie in a harmless-teacher-crush way, and just told everyone about it in a not so harmless way. In a you-should-be-locked-away way (way). And on top she would not shut up. No I mean if you wanted to say anything she's go on a ten year story about her mother's aunt's baby shower or something crazy like and she'd repeat the same story over and over again. She damn near ruined the service trip for me.

The worse part is I was the one that convinced her to go (I taught she needed to get out more).

Back to how this day was good: I got to vent about all this to my friend who completely understood. It just feels so good to share sometimes. Also my high ACT score really brighten up my day. Oh and I got a coloring book :)