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Live As I Feel

And Not As You Wish

3 March
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This was copied and paraphrased from my bio section of my last failed LJ account but it gives yout the basics

So let's see here. My name is Layla. I'm a junior in high school. I live in (and despise) Cleveland, Ohio. My dream is to live in New York city and become either a writer, a rock musician, english professor or a politic adviser. But no mtter what I decide to do with my life I plan to live in New York City. It's my ultimate goal in life and on my Day Zero Project.

I try to stay involve in politics and I'm a pretty opinionated person (not argumentative but I do enjoy the occasional debate). The biggest issues I'm concern with gay marriage in the U.S, education reform and the embarrassing wealth gap. Indifference towards politics and social justice issues is something I cannot tolerate but I'm open to listen to other opinons (just don't expect mines to change and I won't expect yours to change.)

Music wise I love, love, love rock. Particularly classic rock (Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Zeppelin, Pre- Get A Grip Era Aerosmith). My name is a reference to a Derek & the Dominos song (I love anyone that can guess which one.) But I like some new stuff too, mainly The Black Rock Coalition artists (Sabatta, Res, Danialia Cotton). But I do kick it to some gentler stuff (mostly '70s '80s and '90s slow jams.) I believe rock died with Kurt Cobain and the whole "emo" fad. But it will make a come back believe this.) But that's just a tiny slice of what I list to. I have over 3,000 songs and 600 artists on my iTunes so if it sounds good and is not opera than I probably listen to it. Everyone can find something they love on my iPod. I'm also learning the guitar one of the most rewarding things ever. I almost always drop song lyric into conversation when needed. Worth mentioning I'm in love with Steven Tyler (illegal I know but he loves me too he just doesn't know it. Yet.)

School is very important to me. I want to get into a good college so I spend a nice chunk of time studying. My favorite subjects are English, American History, and Theology. I'm religiously ambiguous but I enjoy using skepticism to form my own values. I really don't care what religion you are just as long as you're not forcing me into it it's all good. If I can attend catholic school and not feel obligated to join up with the Pope than I'm confident the rest of the world can as well.

The more I read this the more I feel came off too serious. Really if you meet me you'd see that at heart I'm generally an easy going gal that enjoys laughter. Me and friends make silly jokes and "that's what she said" remarks to anything. I'm generally pretty random strait forward and will say (well to you type) whatever is on my mind at the. Also I really want a house with crazy awesome stairs. Anyone with me on that?

I'm a poet. I have written about 200+ poems (about 75 are worth your time). I've written a few short fanfictions for Total Drama Island (not posted here hit me up for my fanfiction account if interested.) Mostly silly parodies that have gotten some good reviews.

What you can expect from my journal posts are pretty much a slice of life from unpopular teenage girl that for some reason has a lotta wacky friends (but at the same time remains unpopular. I don't understand the politics of high school) and her adventures of getting to know them better as she and learns and create alot about herself. A real coming of age thing. I like to think as life as connected moments rather than a story. I can make anything sound like a movie pitch xD.

Okay let's see um, well that all I can really say feel free to add mebecause I want more LJ friends. Thanks for the time darling.