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The Color Pink

Retreat to the Barracks! xD

Well I go to a Catholic school and everyyear the take us on retreat. Last year's retreat was a real drag. Basically the most shallow, fakest people sent all day crying about how suckier their lives were, which would have been great if we actually tried to work though them. But the enough about the bad. This year's retreat (last Saturady) was a blast. We ate like every three hours, played games, sung Katy Perry it was a lot of fun for once. And I found this really awesome shell. I named it Toni but it's a boy :)

Oh course with all the fun at the retreat was really just a set up. Oh my God they loaded up the homework on us like it was going out of style. Three freaking huge projects back to back, quarterly grades were due, service projects, we had to recuse the princess and save the world again lol. They weren't playing when they said Junior year will kick your ass. However I'm determined make this an ass kicks you type thing. Team college bound does not play xD.

This has been a great week for me. I got my summer job at City Hall, Joe Cimperman is following me on twitter, I had my spring break service trip orientation (well I was late but no one noticed), and the piece of la resistance:

It was a beautifully touching ceremony. Me and 10 other juniors (and three seniors) and our marshals walked across the stage while our bios and praise were read aloud. We held candles and recited the pledge. My feet were killing me but I never smiled so much in my life. Other people's guest came up to me and told me I was beautiful and says she hopes to vote for me. But of course my parents being my parents tried to upset me (that not teenage over dramatics they treat me like crap seriously).Good luck making that your damn accomplishment becasue you weren't even mentioned in the "I'd like to thank" section.



Oh, god. I went to an all girls Catholic high school and the retreats were horrible... I liked to make stories up and make the shallow girls feel bad for me and think they connected with me. It was kind of humorous...
You are made of win for that one. Now if only I had thought of that
Haha. It was just funny because through out the retreats, they'd fawn over me and act like they wanted to be best friends, but then when the weekend was over, everything was back to the way it was before. Such strange people.